Art on docks - Εικαστική στη Μαρίνα Μυτιλήνης

Η Εταιρεία Τουριστικής Ανάπτυξης ανοίγει τις πόρτες της Μαρίνας Μυτιλήνης στο Λεσβιακό κοινό με μια θεματική έκθεση τεσσάρων καλλιτεχνών την Παρασκευή 28/1/2011 στις 20:30. Στις εγκαταστάσεις της Μαρίνας θα εκτεθούν έργα των: Λένας Τριανταφύλλου - Γλυπτική Γιώργου Ιορδάνου - Φωτογραφία Αλέξανδρου Καραβά - Ζωγραφική Γιώργου Κατσαρού - Trash art H έκθεση θα είναι ανοιχτή μέχρι και τις 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2011.

Holidays @ Katsaros-ART

For this month's namesdays and for the holidays that approach, visit Katsaros-ART, don't miss the new arrivals at the exhibition space of George Katsaros' workshop 'ΧΕΙΡΟΤΕΧΝΕΙΟ'. You may also look up on facebook for a more instant update of the new creations.


The exhibition space of ΧΕΙΡΟΤΕΧΝΕΙΟ (Cheirotechneion) - Yorgos Katsaros has opened!


The exhibition space of Χειροτεχνείο - Yorgos Katsaros has opened in the city of Mytilene, at Pl. Kyprion Patrioton (at the begining of Kavetsou Str., opposite Ag. Irini's Park) by the name of "". It hosts artworks and items to buy (from small presents -such as ashtrays, candle holders, plates, etc- to bigger items -such as hangers, mirrors, tables, etc). Everything is made by the workshop "Χειροτεχνείο" (Chirotechnion), at Kara Tepe, Mytilene. If you are in town, drop by to have a look at the collection. There are new arrivals almost every day. Also be a member of our facebook group: Note: every item can be ordered and adjusted to your needs.


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